Dr. David Krier, MD, Founder/CEO  

David lives in Oregon and enjoys spending time with his wife, four grown daughters and 11 grandchildren. He attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine and has worked as a part-time student-health doctor at George Fox University, among many other professional medical pursuits. David is the mastermind behind this incredible organization. He founded this organization in 2007 upon realizing that we, as volunteers, benefit far more from our trips than the recipients of our efforts do (although they benefit a lot).  This realization led to some early medical relief efforts but soon expanded to non-medical activities as well – that way everyone can benefit! Internationally, David has created a network of amazing and motivated community and business leaders as well as tribal Chiefs and others in a variety of countries that has enabled Volunteer Voyages LLC to attain the highest impact on individuals and communities that we serve.  David is responsible for developing and sustaining these networks with leaders in the communities that can help organize our international volunteers and their local volunteers, as well as the on-the-ground coordination of the projects.  He is the lead on the vast majority of all Volunteer Voyages’ trips and he secures fantastic sightseeing opportunities for our volunteer tourists.


Amber Karn, Director of Travel & Client Services

Originally from the gorgeous mountains of Wyoming, Amber now resides in the beautiful foothills of Colorado. She is a busy mother with a love for nature and nurturing. Amber graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism and a Masters degree in Tourism Management. She is passionate about sustainable tourism, community connection, holistic health, poverty alleviation, and cultural authentication. She dabbles in a bit of photography, creating DIY organic body products, hiking, yoga, and meditation for hobbies.  Amber does our booking and arranging all travel for our volunteers, our website design, marketing, and updates.  Amber is the main contact point for all clients and lead volunteers! 


Volunteer Voyages is building an incredible team of lead volunteers that help David and Amber lead projects that they are unable to head.

Photos & Bios are soon to come!