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First of all, if you are considering being a volunteer while traveling, or a “voluntourist”, then pat yourself on the back! You are making an incredible decision that will change your life forever in one way or another. These days it is so important to consider giving back to communities when engaging in tourism. Oftentimes, we as tourists visit destinations and take away all that we can for our own pursuit while truly never touching on the authenticity of the land or people! Tourists take yet rarely give more than just a small amount of money that trickles down to a select few organizations in the ripple effect. Here at Volunteer Voyages, we believe that we can be a part of changing the inequality in that trend and focus on sustainable, meaningful tourism! Let’s travel to destinations where our presence and our efforts can be appreciated and felt. Let’s soak up the true culture of the local inhabitants by closely connecting with their lives. Let’s enrich their lives while fulfilling our hearts.

Join us on a volunteer voyage!

Upcoming Projects


I had a wonderful time on the volunteer trip to Thailand in 2017!  It was very rewarding to learn how to build water filters, and to show members from the community and the nearby refugee camp how to build them.  We are so fortunate in the United States;  I love knowing I had a part in helping other people have access to clean water.  And, as always, David put a great deal of thought into our week of local attractions, from visiting historical sites to washing and feeding the elephants at Elephant World!  I look forward to future trips with Volunteer Voyages.     –L. Young


Man, what an experience! I hope I never travel again unless I am hands-deep in volunteer work with incredible people that can benefit from all the things that I am fortunate to have! My heart is so full. I am so honored to have been able to lead the jungle spa part of this mission! With some help from us as volunteers, the tribe was able to purchase nails and roofing to build two massage ‘room’ cabanas by their Maloca with wooden beds and benches!! I almost burst when I saw this! I am so hopeful that the Bora tribe can support themselves further now by selling spa services in addition to their dances and jewelry they sell to the tourists! I cannot wait to join Volunteer Voyages again for the next mission. I came home with so much more than I gave to that tribe y’all! 
A. Jones

Forever Changed!