We are so grateful to each and every one of our volunteers that have joined us on a project in the past! Without you, none of this would be possible!

I had an amazing experience traveling with Volunteer Voyages.  I absolutly loved connecting with the people in Peru in a way that one could never get with a typical tourism organization.  My heart opened greatly from this trip, as I gave myself to the experience of teaching the people of Paro Paro how to make solar stoves.  It was fun, enlightening and everything I wanted from a volunteer trip.  Thank you Amber and David!

-C. Schaefer

There Are No Words

My two sons and I had the joy of going to Peru to help build water filters in 2010.   Being able to work side by side with the local residents in a small community out side of Cajamarca, Peru, gave us a chance to not only help, but also have a true cultural experience of life in the community. Dr. Krier and his staff are wonderful!   They are well organized, and their careful  planning and knowledge of the location assured comfortable and safe accommodations along with excellent local cuisine for our meals.    They provided local guides for some well organized wonderful trips to Machu Pichu and other sights.   Traveling with Volunteer Voyages is the opportunity for a trip of a lifetime!

-D. Claborn

Peru 2010

I had a wonderful time on the volunteer trip to Thailand in 2017!  It was very rewarding to learn how to build water filters, and to show members from the community and the nearby refugee camp how to build them.  We are so fortunate in the United States;  I love knowing I had a part in helping other people have access to clean water.  And, as always, David put a great deal of thought into our week of local attractions, from visiting historical sites to washing and feeding the elephants at Elephant World!  I look forward to future trips with Volunteer Voyages.     –L. Young


Man, what an experience! I hope I never travel again unless I am hands-deep in volunteer work with incredible people that can benefit from all the things that I am fortunate to have! My heart is so full. I am so honored to have been able to lead the jungle spa part of this mission! With some help from us as volunteers, the tribe was able to purchase nails and roofing to build two massage ‘room’ cabanas by their Maloca with wooden beds and benches!! I almost burst when I saw this! I am so hopeful that the Bora tribe can support themselves further now by selling spa services in addition to their dances and jewelry they sell to the tourists! I cannot wait to join Volunteer Voyages again for the next mission. I came home with so much more than I gave to that tribe y’all! 
A. Jones

Forever Changed!

I cannot believe how awesome it was to be a part of a Volunteer Voyages trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left for Thailand. I was so impressed with the way that our leader always made us feel at ease in all that we were doing. He handled everything! It was so convenient, stress-free, and enjoyable to just get to enjoy the “ride”! Our volunteer work was so powerful and meaningful. The sightseeing week was just awesome and we saw so many places off of the beaten path! Everything about this trip was just magical. I highly recommend this organization! Thank you VV!

H. Kyle

A big fan of yours!