Sendai, JAPAN

  • June 1-15th, 2019
  • TOTAL COST: $2705.00 (USD) + Airfare
    • $500 deposit due ASAP to hold your spot on the trip.
    • Remaining $2205.00 due by May 7th, 2019 or full payment if no deposit.
  • VOLUNTEER WEEK: Over six years ago there was a major earthquake just off the coast of Japan.  The resulting tsunami was devastating to the local area and the international community responded by providing money, volunteers, and materials to help with that recovery.  That was a huge success and the damage has been mostly repaired.  There is no longer any significant international assistance and a few small restoration projects remain.  We’ll help them with a few projects that will help to restore the area to a more normal state.  We won’t have any details on these projects until we’re ready to go (this is normal for us with this project!), but we’ll be sure that there isn’t anything that we can’t handle.  In addition, many people in that area have been studying English for a while now.  Learning a new language is challenging anytime, and one of the keys to being successful is to practice.  In Japan it’s hard to find other English speakers to practice with.  Our volunteers who are native English speakers will be able to fill this role easily, and we’ll get to know the local people by simply spending time talking with them.  They’ll be thrilled – and so will we.
  • TOURIST WEEK: Prepare yourself to be captivated.  We’ll ride on bullet trains at 190 mph, marvel at the beauty of Mt. Fuji, and soak in the culture of modern Japan.  We’ll naturally try some sushi and sashimi – if you’d like – in Tokyo.  We will delve into history as we visit the historical capitals of Kyoto and Nara (established in the year 710) and enjoy modern traditions, as well.  Of course, we must have a tea ceremony.  We’ll pass through many modern cities such as Osaka and Kobe on our way south, stopping for a tour of the impressive Himeji Castle.  Our tour south will culminate with a visit to Hiroshima, a very sobering stop, indeed.  Finally, as we are departing Japan on our way home, we’ll be calculating just how soon we can return.

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