Iquitos, PERU

  • August 8, 2020 – August 23, 2020
  • Dancing with the tribes.  What an opportunity!  Several tribes along the Amazon River have asked us to help them to improve their dance performances.  We are looking for people with an interest in choreography and performance techniques to go along with us to the rainforest to work with them.  Yes, it’s another one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will leave you eager for more.  So, if you have any experience or interest in the performing arts, please join us to help them improve their skills. 
  • But if you aren’t well versed in those fields, join us anyway.  The tribes are looking for help in a number of different projects as well.  Can you help them build things?  Can you help them sew things?  Are you a painter?  They are eager for your input!  And if you don’t think you can teach them any new skill – maybe you can help them tend their chocolate trees.  Don’t miss out!