Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

  • Nov 2-16th, 2018
  • TOTAL COST: $1955.00 (USD)  + Airfare
    • $500 deposit due ASAP to hold your spot on the trip.
    • Remaining $1455.00 due by October 12, 2018 or full payment if no deposit.
  • VOLUNTEER WEEK: Let’s spend Veteran’s Day in Vietnam! Yes, Veteran’s day – and Vietnam both have a lot of special meaning to so many American Servicemen, and Vietnamese servicemen as well, who served there during the war.  We understand that this trip will likely have a profound impact on some of our volunteers.  We are determined to make this project a special time of healing for some, a time of recovery for others, and a time of growth and acceptance for still others.  We will be working with many poor people in the countryside, trying to help them find ways to improve their health and their family situations.  To do that we will provide instruction about some of our favorite topics, solar stove construction and water filter construction.  We believe that access to clean water will solve many health issues and cooking with a solar stove will improve other areas of their lives.  Speaking English isn’t always a popular pastime there but for some is a way to open countless doors – for anything from socializing to commerce.  A part of our aim there is to provide conversational English practice for those that desire to improve their skills.  We are looking forward to having you join us on this trip – we are sure that it will be the first of many projects there.
  • TOURIST WEEK:  There are many monuments and museums in the area that we will see.  We are sure that some significant amounts of time will be spent in retracing old steps, releasing old memories, and gaining a new understanding of modern Vietnam.  We are consciously keeping the number of prescribed tours to a minimum in order to allow for changes in our schedule to accommodate spur-of-the-moment memories and desires.  Please join us and share your ideas with us.

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