Arequipa, PERU

  • May 22- 30th, 2018
  • TOTAL COST: $1625.00 (USD) + Airfare
    • $500 deposit due ASAP to hold your spot on the trip.
    • Remaining $1125.00 due by April 27, 2018 or full payment if no deposit.
    • In Arequipa, we will be providing basic physical therapy services and training in a clinic – we’ll even be making house calls in the community – as well as spending time playing and interacting with orphans who are living in a very unique situation.  Many of them have parents who are still living, but have been incarcerated for a variety of reasons or have had the children removed from their home because it was deemed unsafe.  The orphanage, therefore, only supports the children until they can be returned to their homes.  Sometimes that occurs within a few months, sometimes never.  Our help is needed because the children need as much interaction as possible during their time there, because when they are 18 they must leave, and must be ready to live on their own with little or no family support.
    • Optional, and customizable.  Additional fees will apply – please contact us for details that are specific to your desires.
    • If you haven’t been to Machu Picchu – or if you want to go there again – now is the time, since you’re already in the neighborhood.  It’s a great opportunity to spend some time seeing Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  You may also want to take some time to visit the Colca Canyon, where the giant Andean Condors rule the skies.  With their 12-foot wingspan, they’re easy to spot.  The canyon is the second deepest in the world (1000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US), and offers incredible vistas.  Or maybe Lake Titicaca intrigues you.  At over 12,000 feet above sea level, it’s the highest navigable lake in the world, and offers many fascinating opportunities – from taking a boat ride to visit people living on man-made floating islands that their ancestors created, to having a trout lunch on the island of Taquile while watching the men and boys of the island knit.   If you would rather visit the desert, Peru has that for you, too.  When you’re in the middle of it (it’s 50-miles across), riding on sand buggies or gliding down the dunes on a board, you’ll forget you’re in South America and will keep a sharp lookout for Lawrence of Arabia.  On your way to and from there you might want to stop at the Islas de Ballestas to take a boat ride out to the island to see the millions of seabirds, including penguins, residing there.  Or you may want to spend a few extra dollars to fly over the Nazca Lines in a small plane.  We’ll be glad to help you customize your experience to make it the most memorable time possible.