Volunteer Resources.

Looking for additional volunteering resources? We will add appropriate links to this page periodically to aid in your quest.

Premier Portrait Photographer

Whether you're looking for a superb wedding photographer or someone to do portraits of your family or children - look no further.  The only description needs to be - "Fantastic!"  See our listing for the Peruvian Portrait & Landscape Workshop and learn techniques that will launch your photography career.

Rios Associates

The best way to learn Medical Spanish and earn CME credits, too!  Courses are taught at various locations and include AMA, AAFP, ACEP, and AANP credits, a book and 10 corresponding audio CDs.  Your language level is customized and the courses are usually taught in beginner or intermediate/advanced levels.  Some courses also link with Volunteer Voyages LLC projects so you can practice your new language skills immediately! 

Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technol

These are the people that designed and promoted the water filters we are using in our projects.