Closed - Chile Community Support 1 - 2017

To assist poor communities in coastal Chile to improve their lives and to build more stable communities and families.

Project Dates: 01/16/2017 to 01/25/2017

Country: Chile

Location: Puerto Saavedra and Tirua

Cost: US $2,100 Plus Air

Level of Physical Challenge:

Special Requirements/Qualifications/Skills Needed:

Doctors, nurses, farmers, business specialists, engineers, etc. In short, the needs are so great here that everyone has something to contribute and share with the people here that are relying on our help.

Project Background:

Our work begins on the shores of beautiful Lake Budi, the only salt-water lake in South America. It has not always been salty, though, in fact, until 1960 it was strictly fresh-water. Then a huge earthquake struck and the resultant tsunami flooded the pristine lake with seawater and it has been brackish ever since. That change has caused untold hardships for the people living there. Agriculture has all but disappeared from fields that were once irrigated with fresh lake water. Drinking water has to be brought in by boats and distributed to community cisterns for the people living on islands in the lake.
The entire area is depressed for a variety of other reasons, as well. Youngsters have no local educational opportunities beyond high school. Businesses continue to struggle, not only because of the global economic downturn, but also their local economy still lags behind the recovery the rest of the country is experiencing. They have a beautiful and scenic environment and their future is bright, but right now they need ideas, and lots of help in things like getting new businesses up and running, developing new ideas, expanding tourism, and finding reliable sources of clean water.
Health care is another area that we can help with. Right now they use a combination approach, blending traditional shamanic medicine and western medicine. Unfortunately, western medical practitioners are in short supply and the ones that are there are often overworked. We will work with them to collaborate and to lighten their workload a bit while we are there.


Please check your calendar soon because the deadline is for signing up for this project is: 12/18/2016

Additional Information:

Everyone will have an opportunity to tour some areas of Santiago de Chile, the capital of this great country. You will get to see many historical monuments and to take in the colonial grandeur that makes it so special. In addition to that, you will be amazed by the omnipresent Andes Mountains that watch over the city.
For those of you want, we will have two options for spending your second week in Chile.
First, if you are a fly-fishing enthusiast, we can connect you with a unique opportunity to have a guided fly fishing experience in the legendary areas of southern Chile.
Second, others may want to tour the wine country of central Chile and, perhaps, visit Valparaiso, the historical seaport. After that you can join us for a tour of Easter Island and return to the USA directly from there.
Want to do both? We can work on arranging that, too....

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