CLOSED - Iquitos Tribal Advancement 3 - 2016

Assist tribes Along the Amazon River with projects to raise their standards of living

Project Dates: 11/19/2016 to 11/27/2016

Country: Peru

Location: Iquitos

Cost: $1,850 AIR NOT INCL

Level of Physical Challenge:

Special Requirements/Qualifications/Skills Needed:

One portion of this project will be to assist the tribes in harvesting and processing wild Cacao beans they find in the jungle and, of course, we would like to include volunteers who have some experience with chocolate processing, but if you do not have those skills there are still many parts of the process you can learn and share. A second element of this series of projects will be to provide instruction in the distillation of essential oils from fragrant flowers and fruits of the jungle.  For this part of the project there are no special requirements. The remaining part of the project will help the tribes to develop Day Spas in the jungle to cater to the tourists that frequent the area.  For this we will require individuals who have had specific training and experience in personal spa services, such as manicure, pedicure, massage, skin care, hair styling, etc., and can teach these skills to tribal members.  All of these projects are designed to be one step of a much larger and longer process.

Project Background:

Living in a village along the Amazon River may seem like a rather ideal lifestyle. After all, the temperature is always fairly warm, rains are generally fairly short, and the river and the jungle provide much of your delicious food for free. But, of course, there is always more to it than that. Every family needs to have an income to provide a few additional necessities - and treats - for their children and friends. Then there are the unexpected requirements for building materials, health care, and other unpredictable expenses. At times they are able to get by with selling handicrafts to tourists and performing their tribal dances and songs for them. Unfortunately, tourism is not always consistent from month to month. There are often long periods where the people have to rely on other sources of income. Even day jobs doing hard or menial labor, though, are scarce and usually pay poorly.

Volunteer Voyages is now working with three tribes living a short boat ride from Iquitos. They all speak some Spanish out of necessity, but they each have different roots and each speaks a different tribal language. Their common goal is to improve the standard of living for their communities. They have asked us to help them to make the most of the natural resources they have available to them. So the projects we designed with them utilizing the abundant and fragrant flowers and fruits of the jungle, and the wild Cacao beans for chocolate, will provide a more stable and sustainable source of income.

Since they are already providing some services for tourist groups, introduction of Day Spa facilities will be just another way to provide more comprehensive services to the world they are connected with. In addition to specific personal care training, they will also benefit from business training to make their various ventures more sustainable and successful.



Reserve your spot by October 31, 2016

Additional Information:

A Optional second week is available for an additional fee.  You will tour Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Machu Picchu.  You may also hike the Inca Trail, if you like.  Please call us to find out how!

Since our volunteers have a variety of backgrounds, interest levels, and physical capabilities, we want to offer several ways to explore this great country. Therefore, if you would like to hike the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu we can certainly arrange that. It is a four-day, three-night guided hike that ascends over at least one 4,800 meter (16,000 feet) mountain pass. Please let us know well in advance if you would like to exercise this option since special arrangements must be made.

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