Closed - Thailand - Clean Water and Cooking Help

To build and teach construction of, water filters and solar stoves for remote families in Thailand

Project Dates: 09/10/2016 to 09/25/2016

Country: Thailand

Location: Suan Phueng, Rachabury

Cost: US $2,450 - Air NOT Incl

Level of Physical Challenge:

Special Requirements/Qualifications/Skills Needed:

The only special qualification that is required is a willingness to work. We will provide you with the materials necessary to learn all about the water filters and the solar cookers that we will be building and teaching about there. If you have experience building or running a small business that would be a plus for this project as well.

Project Background:

Throughout the world, safe drinking water is a scarce commodity and Thailand is no different. Especially in the rural areas, the ground water can be dangerous to drink or to cook with because of biological contamination. In addition, fuel for cooking is in chronic short supply. When it is located it is usually expensive and creates a lot of smoke when it is burned which results in detrimental effects on their health and the environment. These two factors, potable water and cooking fuel scarcity, play an enormous role in maintaining poverty conditions there.

We have been asked by some local residents to help them with a project that is designed to address these issues. Our plan is to provide teaching and guidance in the construction of solar stoves and inexpensive water filters. These tools are easy and inexpensive to construct and can provide the necessary safety, security and economy that will allow these people to focus on other things that matter for their families. In addition, from a public health standpoint, we will be helping to save lives and reduce the amount of illness in the entire community. Not a bad result from working for a week in paradise!

In preparation for this project you will be given plenty of materials to study so that you will be comfortable instructing them about this technology. The equipment is not very complex to understand or build but it will be necessary to learn a bit about it beforehand. You might even want to build some for your own use.



Please check your calendar soon because the deadline is for signing up for this project is August 1, 2016.

Additional Information:

During the second week, the vacation part, we will spend some time touring in delightful Bangkok and the surrounding areas. We will take day trips to Lop Buri (Monkey City) and Ayutthaya, the historical capital city of Siam, as well as other historical sites. We will spend a day caring for (feeding and bathing) retired and rescued elephants on the River Kwai. Following that, we will head for the beach so you can work on your tan - but remember to bring your sunscreen.

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