Colsed - Mountain Physical Therapy - Peru

To provide outpatient physical therapy in poor villages surrounding Arequipa, Peru

Project Dates: 06/11/2016 to 06/19/2016

Country: Peru

Location: Alto Cayma, near Arequipa

Cost: $1,650 AIR NOT INCL

Level of Physical Challenge:

Special Requirements/Qualifications/Skills Needed:

We need trained Physical and Occupational Therapists, primarily, although anyone else, with or without medical training is very welcome - and no worries - you will have a job!

Project Background:

In the mountains of southern Peru, as elsewhere in that vast country, nothing comes easily. The weather is harsh, the terrain is steep, and the materials needed for any activity are in short supply. Just getting through the day can seem like it requires extreme effort. Raising a family is definitely a team effort and the older children are usually a part of that team. Jobs are in short supply and the labor is grueling. All sorts of body pains are a constant companion of the people of all ages who live there. Life is hard.

But we can help! Just a brief stretch of some specific Physical Therapy procedures can be incredibly beneficial. When those procedures are coupled with teaching about body mechanics and stretching, it can brighten their entire year. Often, several public classes provide ideas and approaches that literally change the lives of the people attending.

A bright spot in the desolate terrain, up the mountainside from Arequipa and Alto Cayma, is a clinic in the midst of a poor, sprawling housing development. The medical and nursing staff leaders at the clinic have asked us to help them by providing volunteer Physical and Occupational Therapists that can treat the maladies of the people and teach the skills necessary to continue their recovery and prevent future injuries. Our work will be conducted in the clinic when appropriate but we will also be working in various locations in the community, including schools and private homes. This will be an incredible opportunity to make house calls in rural Peru!

We will have jobs for all that want to join us. Medically trained volunteers will work in the clinic (and make house calls), others may work in an orphanage, in schools, in the office of a Catholic missionary, or in another capacity - filling a need that arises.

One of the best parts of this project is the opportunity we will have to work with the people in the area - both the professional staff and the residents. We will be building lifelong relationships and this experience will instill in you a burning desire to return.



Deposit due - to hold your spot - on May 1, 2016.
Full balance due on booking.

Additional Information:

A detailed itinerary is available by email. Please request one - and we will send it right back.

An optional second week is available for an additional fee. You will tour Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Machu Picchu. You may also hike the Inca Trail, if you like. Please call us to find out how!

Since our volunteers have a variety of backgrounds, interest levels, and physical capabilities, we want to offer several ways to explore this great country. Therefore, if you would like to hike the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu we can certainly arrange that. It is a four-day, three-night guided hike that ascends over at least one 4,800 meter (16,000 feet) mountain pass. Please let us know well in advance if you would like to exercise this option since special arrangements must be made.


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