Closed - Touring Only - Argentine Wine Country

To enjoy, learn about, and taste some fine Argentinian wines

Project Dates: 3/12/2016 to 3/25/2016

Country: Argentina

Location: Mendoza, Salta, Cafayete, Iguazu, Buenos Aires

Cost: US $Closed

Level of Physical Challenge:

Special Requirements/Qualifications/Skills Needed:

No skills necessary on this trip - it is all about learning about - and touring in - a beautiful part of South America.

Project Background:

Argentina produces some of the most incredible wines of South America. The Mendoza area has a long history of winemaking and has a great number of beautiful wineries that are just waiting for us to pay them a visit. An added benefit of touring this area is that their harvest seasons are half a year opposite our harvest season in North America. This tour is designed to coincide with the crush of the Argentine grape harvest, the most celebrated time of the year for a winery. It will be an unparalleled experience for everyone who joins us.

We will begin our tour in Mendoza, where we will enjoy visits to a number of wineries each day while we also marvel at the majesty of the surroundings, including the imposing Andes mountain range. We will learn about the terroir and the viticulture of the area and, of course, sample a lot of great wines. Participants who are familiar with the North American or European wine regions will also have a chance to compare and contrast the differences and similarities.

After three very full days of studying the Mendoza region we will fly to the lesser known city of Salta in the north. From there we will take a day-trip to Cafayete, which, at 5600 feet above sea level, is the highest wine-growing region in the world. There, in addition to sampling their wonderful wines, we will learn about their unique growing region and marvel at the thought that grapes can survive there at all, let alone produce great wines! We will also tour Salta, itself.

Next, as we leave the wine-country behind, we will take a short flight to Iguazu, which is located on the tri-country border of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. This group of falls is listed as the second largest waterfall in the world and, depending on the time of year, may contain several hundred individual falls situated on a two-mile stretch along a crescent-shaped cliff that is over 250 feet tall.

After completing that breathtaking portion of our trip we will fly to Buenos Aires and tour many parts of this old yet very modern city. We will have opportunities to learn about the Tango, which originated there, and to taste some incredible Argentine beef, for those of you who are meat lovers. Finally, after the celebrations and tours are over, we will bid a fond farewell to one of our new favorite places in the world, and return home.



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Full balance due on booking.

Additional Information:

A detailed itinerary is available by email. Please request one - and we will send it right back.


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