About us.

Many of the people we work with in developing countries are refugees of one sort or other. Some have fled from terrorists, some from famine, some from sickness.

Most are simply trying to care for their families or just trying to survive. Many have no work skills and must take day labor or odd jobs just to earn enough money to feed their children that day. You can help them in so many ways.  First of all, we can listen to their stories - their lives are so different from ours, but their emotions are so similar.  We need to hear the voices of their ancesters through them.  You also probably have many more skills than you realize, and sharing them is one of the most rewarding things on earth.  Come and join us - I can't imagine a better way to spend two weeks!

But it gets better!  Each of our volunteer trips lasts about two weeks - perhaps a bit longer when we go to a location that gives us some jet lag.  The hard work part of the project is designed to take only a little over half of our total time there.  The rest of the time is spent involved in educational tours, sightseeing, shopping, and just plain relaxing in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  We get to see first-hand the marvels and wonders that are both man-made and naturally occurring.

So each of our project trips combines multiple elements that are extremely beneficial to us.  We get to work hand-in-hand with people whose lives we are helping to enrich, and we also get to pamper and take care of ourselves.  All the while we are learning about a new culture, examining a rich history from the inside out, and making new, lifelong friends.  Please join us.   

Volunteer Voyages LLC

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